The Crusade for Hollywood

Weighing the Consequences of ‘Christian’ Media

Mike Mileski

More than ever before, overtly Christian films and other media are in the mainstream. But what makes it ‘Christian’? How might this trend help–or harm– the Church’s mission?

Have Christians taken over Hollywood? Should we?

​More than ever before, overtly Christian films and other media are in the mainstream, taking a stand for Jesus, and hoping you’ll bring your skeptical friends along. How we respond to these films depends on what we think makes a piece of art “Christian”
​What can be embraced in this trend, and what should be left behind? What does allegiance to Christ demand of us here?  When does art (film, specifically) cross the line from being provocative, to being propaganda?  And how might the proliferation of “Christian” films be helping – or harming – the Church’s mission? ​This interactive workshop will include lecture, videos, and group discussion.

MileskiMike Mileski
 is about as Hamilton as they come: born at St. Joe’s, schooled at Sacred Heart, nourished by the finest lemon meringue pies from Hamilton’s downtown department stores, and entertained by Star Wars toys scored at The Amity. A retired artist and school teacher, Mike is the Associate Pastor at Philpott Memorial Church. His role there has him creating environments in which adults can deepen their faith in Jesus. Mike and Heather have been married since 2001, and have three children: Maggie (7), Stella (4) and Simon-James (9 months). Mike’s only childhood regret was missing his chance to meet David Hasselhoff in person at the grand opening of Toys R Us in ’84.