Sharing the Gospel in a Multi-Cultural World

Shiao Chong

Cross-cultural evangelism is no longer optional in our increasingly multi-cultural city.  In this session we will look to biblical examples to help us find some ways forward.

Canadian immigration trends suggest that we will have more, not less, cross-cultural engagements as the world comes to our doorsteps. How should we share the gospel to our neighbours? In this workshop, we will explore biblical passages of cross-cultural evangelism and draw some principles to guide us. Then we will have an interactive discussion session to deal with your pertinent questions. A list of recommended resources will be given.

Shiao ChongShiao Chong is the Christian Reformed Campus Chaplain serving at York University as the Director of a student Christian club on campus. He has been serving in this capacity since 2001, helping students of various ethnic backgrounds along in their faith journeys. Chong (as he prefers to be called) has also served on denominational taskforces at the regional level on cross-cultural issues. He has led various workshops on evangelism and on cross-cultural ministry. Chong is also a popular writer with numerous articles published in various Christian popular publications and blogs, including He can be contacted at and blogs at