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Can I Get a Witness? Reflections and Photos


  On February 27th and 28th, 2015, over 500 people from nearly 100 different churches in the area gathered together at the eleventh annual TrueCity Conference.  This year we explored what it means to share the Good News in a way that connects with our friends, neighbours, and city.  Writer and Hamiltonian Rachel Wallace shares her […]

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Funding TrueCity

Dwayne Cline We  look back thankful for the way the Lord brought us together on February 21st and 22nd at the TrueCity conference.  For those of you who joined us on that Friday evening, you heard Jill Trites and myself explain our need for God to raise up partners for our movement.  We are praying that God will raise […]

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Sylvia Keesmaat’s Story of Hope for TrueCity

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How It Will Come A closing story of hope for True City 2014 by Sylvia Keesmaat It will begin with a song, at dawn. With light behind the smokestacks, the notes will weave through the valley, bounce off the escarpment. There will be light. As the notes liltingly fall waters will begin to run with […]

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Art, Justice, and Hearing God’s Call


Meghan Hers is an artist and a member of Eucharist Church.  She now lives and works in Hamilton.  She graciously shared with us the story of her call to Hamilton. My Hamilton adventure began at the 2012 TrueCity conference.  I was in the midst of discerning what God was calling me to after I graduated. […]

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A Renewed Hamilton

On Saturday morning Kevin Makins shared the following “Targum” based on Isaiah 65 “Look! I am creating renewed heavens and a renewed earth, and no one will even think about the old ones anymore. No one will even remember our contaminated soil, or warehouses filled with toxic barrels, or fields stripped for strip malls, or […]

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In Mission Together


Little by little over the past nine years we who make up the TrueCity Hamilton movement have been learning to live out the reality of our unity in Christ.  There have been a fair few false starts and lots of faltering steps as we have pursued God’s call to engage mission together.  Proclaiming the gospel […]

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