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Humble Orthodoxy


Confidence in the gospel of Jesus Christ enables us to interact widely with respect and generosity. Submission to Christ compels us to love as God loves with Jesus as our guide.  

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Whole City View


We recognize both that God is concerned for the whole of Hamilton and that there is an interconnected system that does not allow any neighbourhood to exist in isolation. For both of these reasons we are committed to engaging the whole of Hamilton.  

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Growth through Participation


We grow in Christ as together we engage in his work. Jesus meets us and takes us deeper in our walk with him as we get involved in the work that He is doing.               The Discipleship Project:  The beauty of God’s call to join Him in His mission […]

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CQ™ Ministry Training Lab: Toronto, Nov 7-8


Are you looking for a long-term solution to develop cultural intelligence(CQ) in your ministry? This is an opportunity for your leaders, staff and volunteers to be equipped to teach the Culturally Intelligent MinistryWorkshop. The 1.5 day program will be led by Dave Livermore, author of Serving with Eyes Wide Open and other books on CQ and global leadership. The training lab covers an overview of CQ and […]

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Jay Smith on Reaching Out to our Muslim Neighbours


  CNMM is a network of Canadian Christians and Churches who want to pray for, love, and reach out to our Muslim neighbours here in Canada so that they would have the opportunity to enter into relationship with and become disciples of Jesus Christ. CNMM Hamilton and Philpott Memorial Church are hosting noted evangelist and apologist […]

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david fitch

      THE CHURCH IN POST-CHRISTENDOM Reclaiming the Practices of the Church for Mission FEATURING: DAVID FITCH NOVEMBER 15th, 9:30am – 3:00pm: David Fitch will be leading “The Church in Post-Christendom”, a workshop for clergy, lay leaders and church teams on reclaiming the practices of the church for mission. Visit for details and registration. Registration is […]

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