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The Feet of Those Who Bring Good News


Every picture tells a story. This might look like an ordinary living room. In many ways it is- and yet it is so much more.  This is a space that has been prepared in advance for a ‘stranger’- a young Iraqi woman who has known violence and persecution. These are the feet of Hannah- one […]

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Refugee Engagement Project Launched

Refugee Project Graphic

Project Vision To mobilize and equip churches for refugee engagement Project Rationale This is a unique time in history. Our world is currently facing the largest number of recorded refugees in human history. The Canadian government is making it a priority to receive refugees from Syria. Hundreds of sponsored refugees are arriving in Hamilton and […]

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Refugee Roundtable–February 6th

Roundtable 2

The world is facing the largest number of refugees in recorded history–how can your church be part of responding to this crisis? Join us on Saturday, February 6th 9:30-11:30 AM at Philpott Memorial Church for the TrueCity Refugee Roundtable  RSVP by emailing

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Churches Partnering with Refugees

       How does a congregation live out a call to walk with refugees as they work through the process of making Hamilton home?  As our congregations have wrestled with this question two things have become clear: – The calling looks different for each congregation depending on the area of the city we are […]

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New Challenges for Welcoming Refugees Well


On December 15th the “Protecting Canada’s Immigration System Act” came fully into effect.  Often referred to as Bill C31, the act fundamentally changes Canada’s refugee system.  As critics of the legislation have pointed out,  the name of the new act makes abundantly clear that the emphasis is now more on protecting the system rather than […]

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Justice for the Sexually Exploited

In a world where millions face the oppressive reality of sexual slavery, one way that God calls us to seek justice is to work to break the yoke of sexual exploitation.  The human trafficking industry is international, organized, and extremely profitable, leaving no country out of its reach. Shockingly, even Canada is not immune to […]

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