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Prayer Room 2013–this year its 24/14


Join us for two weeks of night and day prayer for Hamilton.  Sign up yourself, your family, your small group for a one hour time slot, or join in some scheduled worship or contemplative prayer.  The second Friday night, March 1, there will be “Fire in the Night” – all night worship from 10 pm […]

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More Growth at The Vine

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At the corner of Vine and Park Street North, behind Philpott Memorial Church, life in the Vine keeps growing.   The Greater Ontario House of Prayer (GOHOP) has partnered with TrueCity to run 24/7 prayer rooms in the Vine building at the end of February these past two years.  As noted in a previous post, in May Philpott […]

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Abiding in the Vine


Since last summer, the GOHOP team has been praying in various “prayer spaces” around the city of Hamilton and in Flamborough. We have so appreciated the hospitality of various ministries, including Hughson St. Baptist, and Youth Unlimited, but we were longing for a permanent location where we could set up a space for ongoing prayer […]

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Praying Together for the Good of the Neighborhood

Our friends, Peter and Sandy, at Little Bethel Church in Hamilton, were inspired by the weeks of 24/7 prayer we have been running the last few years.  A couple of weeks ago they transformed their sanctuary into a prayer space for their east end neighborhood.  For three days, members of the church and the community […]

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Prayer Seeking Justice

“In Dutch we have the word “gezellig”.  It can’t be translated into English directly, but basically it means a comfortable, friendly, peaceful atmosphere in a room and/or with a group of people.  This is what we have here”, said Conrad, gesturing around the room. My Dutch speaking friend and I were just sitting down for an hour […]

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Seeking Justice through Praying Together

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24-7 Prayer Room 2012 Righteousness and justice are the foundation of your throne;     love and faithfulness go before you.  ~ Psalm 89:14 It is easy to become overwhelmed when we look at the areas of injustice in our city that need addressing.  The plight immigrants and refugees.  Sex trade and human trafficking.  Addictions and mental […]

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