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Neighbourhood Engaged


The focus of our mission as TrueCity is how our congregations can contribute meaningfully to the neighbourhoods that God has placed us in. Two of our annual collaborative events that help churches connect to their neighbourhoods are Start2Finish Backpacks and our Christmas Hampers. Start2Finish Backpacks: August 2017 At the start of each school year our congregations […]

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Active Cooperation


Congregations working together is God’s idea for how the Church can truly be the body of Christ.  It is a powerful witness to our city of God’s reality. We aim to move beyond theoretical unity to relationships of trust and tangible cooperation; working and learning together, unity within diversity.             […]

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January 16th – Andy Crouch: Culture Making, Playing God, and the Common Good

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Read The Banner‘s write up on this event here! “Absolute love transfigures absolute power.  And power transfigured by love is the power that made and saves the world.” On January 16th the TrueCity network is hosting a special one-day event to encourage and challenge us to live more fully into the vision of being churches […]

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New Studies (and Stories) in Urban Monasticism

“I felt at a loss as to how to proceed,” the intern recalled. Her assignment was to take two bag lunches downtown, to share with someone in need of lunch or company — in short, to make a new friend. “I noted the questioning stares” from passers-by in the downtown mall, she continued. “I was […]

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Backpacks 2012

At the start of each school year our congregations partner with Start2Finish (formerly KidsFest) to provide backpacks for children whose families face challenges providing adequate school supplies for their children. Our churches are involved in this project at three levels– We raise funds to assist Start2Finish in providing the backpacks We gather in August to […]

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Community Garden hugely Successful – Help needed!

I just read the following in an email:             THE VICTORY GARDEN PRODUCTION EXCEEDED 10,000 POUNDS THIS WEEK!!                                     PRAISE GOD!!!! – as of this morning we have harvested 11,209 pounds Some ask “What is […]

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