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TrueCity Festival


“… celebrate a festival to me.”
– Exodus 23:14

March 3-4, 2017
At Philpott Memorial Church
84 York Boulevard, Hamilton ON

On March 3rd and 4th, 2017 we will once again gather together at Philpott Memorial Church as the TrueCity network to celebrate what God is doing in the city , but this year it will be for the TrueCity Festival.  We want to keep much of what has been good and best about our yearly Conference, but let the relational, connecting, and celebration take centre stage. We intend to do more than simply “rebrand”, we want to create a time and space that builds on the strengths of the network we have created together. 

Breaking News:
Our scheduled Friday evening speaker, Dr. John M. Perkins has been ordered to stay on bedrest and so will not be able to come to speak at the TrueCity Festival next weekend.  While this is hugely disappointing and has pushed us to do some rapid revamping of plans, it has not deterred us from our goal of holding a Festival where we as churches can come together to celebrate all that God is doing in Hamilton.   

Our friend and co-worker Jill Weber (see bio here) has stepped into the breach and will be our main speaker on Friday evening.    Jill’s work of calling us and our churches to ever deeper interaction with God and all He has for our city, gives her a unique perspective that I sense God wants us to hear.

 We are experimenting with a new format for Saturday to give us more opportunities to share stories, build relationships, and celebrate.  There are five hub time-slots–you can attend a hub each time or skip one (or more) to have coffee with a friend (new or old) or go to the Contemplative prayer space or do visio divina with the St. John Bible or explore the tables in the Atrium.

At the core of this new festival format is a series of shorter gatherings we are calling “hubs”.  The goal of the hubs is to connect us with each other so that together we can celebrate the various ways we see God at work across our city.

Each hub centres around a different way or place where we see God on the move in the city.  Topics range from exploring cycling, to environmental stewardship, to worship leading, to adoption and fostering (list of hubs) and many more.  Each of these hubs will invite us into a different experience in order to broaden and deepen our grasp of how God’s kingdom is permeating our city.