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Festival Update: Change of Friday Evening Plans

A Letter from Dave Witt

We received word late last week that Dr. Perkins has been ordered to stay on bedrest and so will not able to come to speak at the TrueCity Festival next weekend.  While this is hugely disappointing and has pushed us to do some rapid revamping of plans, it has not deterred us from our goal of holding a Festival where we as churches can come together to celebrate all that God is doing in Hamilton.

Our friend and co-worker Jill Weber (director of GOHOP) has stepped into the breach and will be our main speaker on Friday evening. As I’ve prayed through the situation and discerned with others on the Leadership and Festival Planning teams, there is a sense that God is pointing us in this direction.

Jill’s work of calling us and our churches to ever deeper interaction with God and all He has for our city, gives her a unique perspective that I sense God wants us to hear.  And so while this is not how we were expecting to kick off the Festival next Friday, I am confident that God will meet us in it and use it to continue the work he is doing among us and in our city.

All of us who are planning and preparing for the Festival would greatly appreciate your prayers as we pull together details and now make needed adjustments.

Any way that you can help us in getting the word out–both about the changes and the great opportunity we still have to come together–would be much appreciated.