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Festival Format & Hubs

At the core of this new festival format is a series of shorter gatherings we are calling “hubs”.  The goal of the hubs is to connect us with each other so that together we can celebrate the various ways we see God at work across our city.

Each hub centres around a different way or place where we see God on the move in the city.  Topics range from exploring cycling, to environmental stewardship, to worship leading, to adoption and fostering (list of hubs) and many more.  Each of these hubs will invite us into a different experience in order to broaden and deepen our grasp of how God’s kingdom is permeating our city.

Curated by a local practitioner, these hubs will showcase stories and cultivate relational connections through a creative mix of talks, dialogues, role plays, discussions, times of prayer, or group reflection.

There will be three sets of hubs–one set in the morning, another in the afternoon, and some in the evening (see the schedule for details).   Each hub experience will happen twice with a 15 minute break in between.   You are welcome to come and go as works best for you and your family.  So your participation might look something like this graphic-

Our intention for these sessions is two-fold. First, to expand and strengthen the relational web that is at the heart of the TrueCity network.  And second, to broaden and deepen our grasp and appreciation for how God is on the move in our city.

We want to create space for you to share the stories and creative ideas you have, and to hear the stories and dreams of others.

Click here to see this Festival Hubs Schedule and plan your day!