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Children at the Festival

We are attempting to create opportunities for families to participate in the Festival together.  Towards that end we are experimenting with child-friendly hubs.   There are two hubs on Saturday morning and two more in the afternoon that are intended for families to take in together.  So bring the kids for part or all of the day.  Just look for the icon in the list of hubs.  

Kids are free with their parents.  Children must be accompanied by an adult to be part of these hubs.

Child-friendly Hubs: Saturday Morning–



Bring the kids and come experience Messy Church!  Messy Church engages people of all ages to belong to Christ together through their local church. This hub will create a space where we can to learn about and experience this way of being church together.  Curators: Andy and Sue Kalbfleisch





Living Mutually–Making the Gifts of Adults with Intellectual Disabilities Known  This is a Kid-friendly hub –Come hear of and experience the gifts that adults with intellectual disabilities have to offer.   L’Arche Core Members and Assistants will also teach us some of the craft skills they use in their community.  

Curators:  Paige McIsaac, Nichola McCormack, and David Drenth from L’Arche Hamilton



Child-friendly Hubs: Saturday Afternoon–



Kids at Prayer–Families are invited to join us for an hour of interactive, hands-on, kid-friendly time engaging the prayer room.  Diana is excited to help families learn how they can spend time together in the prayer room, and give helpful activities that you can do at home to teach your children to pray.  

Curator: Diana Crosby




Kids Take On Social Justice–Families are invited to join us as we share stories of how God is using children to lead us into the pursuit of justice, helping kids see how they can practically engage in their homes, schools, and neighbourhoods..  Join us for this time of interactive, kid-friendly storytelling.

 Curator: Natalie Frisk