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The Feet of Those Who Bring Good News

Good News FeetEvery picture tells a story. This might look like an ordinary living room. In many ways it is- and yet it is so much more.  This is a space that has been prepared in advance for a ‘stranger’- a young Iraqi woman who has known violence and persecution. These are the feet of Hannah- one of three women with a purpose and a mission. That mission is to welcome the stranger in Jesus’ name. Hannah and her housemates have thoughtfully and lovingly prepared this place with the hope that it  will be a safe sanctuary for a woman who they have not yet met. They are eager to welcome her into their home and into their lives. They can’t wait to introduce her to life in Hamilton- share meals together, put up a Christmas tree together, watch movies together – you know ‘do life’ together.

The woman who will be arriving any day now is a refugee who was forced to flee her home and has spent the last 2.5 years trying to survive in a neighbouring country. She is the person Eucharist church chose from a list of people wanting to come to Canada through the private sponsorship program. She will be sharing this home with two women from St. Clair Community church and one woman from Eucharist. These two church communities are excited to work together to welcome her. Both church communities sent groups to pray prayers of blessing in the bedroom as it was being prepared for this new housemate.  Both communities will share in the settlement work by taking her to medical appointments, to school appointments and helping her learn English. Both church communities will be blessed because they chose to open their lives to the welcome of a stranger.