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Update on Dr. John M. Perkins

We received word this week that Dr. Perkins has been ordered to stay on bedrest and so will not be able to come to speak at the TrueCity Festival next weekend.  

Our friend and co-worker Jill Weber (see bio here) has stepped into the breach and will be our main speaker on Friday evening.    Jill’s work of calling us and our churches to ever deeper interaction with God and all He has for our city, gives her a unique perspective that I sense God wants us to hear.



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On Friday March 3rd, we will start the TrueCity Festival 2017 by welcoming Dr. John M. Perkins.  Dr. Perkins is an author, mentor, activist, civil rights pioneer, pastor, and the founder of the Christian Community Development Association.  He has inspired many of us and is the man Hamilton’s “Perkins Centre” – accessible housing & community centre is named for.  We are deeply indebted to the leadership of Indwell and the generosity of an anonymous donor who are making it possible for us to have Dr. Perkins with us for the Festival.


Born on June 16, 1930 into a African-American sharecropping family, Perkins left Mississippi for California at age 17 after the murder of his older brother. While professionally successful in California, Perkins felt called back to the South. What started out as an evangelical ministry in Mendenhall, Mississippi expanded to include such community development initiatives as a health facility, a thrift store, and a leadership training center. Perkins, an outspoken advocate for social justice, was jailed, beaten, and frequently harassed for his civil rights work. He continues to advocate for reconciliation and his work has been recognized with honorary doctorates from nine institutions. He has written several books, including Let Justice Roll Down and A Quiet Revolution: The Christian response to human need, a strategy for today. In 1989, Perkins helped form the Christian Community Development Association (CCDA), a coalition of individuals, churches, businesses, ministries and institutions that advocate for under-resourced communities across America. Perkins currently works for The John M. Perkins Foundation, a training ground that has energized generations of faith-based activists and organizers.

Watch the trailer for “Let Justice Roll On: The Life & Legacy of John M. Perkins” here: