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Burn 24-7 30 Hour Worship Event

As part of this year’s 24/14 Prayer Room we have the Hamilton Burn 24-7 leading us in ¬†30 hours of continous worship from 7 pm Friday, March 4th to 1 am on Sunday, March 6th at the Vine.
Burn 24-7 Hamilton
Enthroning the LORD in Hamilton as we gather together
from across this city for extended times of worship.
May the Lord rest on the praises of His people!
Why We Exist?
Burn 24-7 Hamilton is a growing city-wide expression of
worship here in the city. Our goal is simply to exalt the LORD by
gathering the church together for extended, even “extravagant”,
times of praise. He alone is worthy!
We find ourselves inspired by David’s tabernacle, and the day and night
worship king David established before the ark in Jerusalem. (1 Chronicles)
Our hope is that as we unite for these times of worship, the Holy Spirit
would testify, Jesus Christ would be magnified, the Father would be glorified,
and we His church would be edified.