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Refugee Engagement Project Launched

Project Vision
To mobilize and equip churches for refugee engagement

Project Rationale

This is a unique time in history. Our world is currently facing the largest number of recorded refugees in human history.

The Canadian government is making it a priority to receive refugees from Syria. Hundreds of sponsored refugees are arriving in Hamilton and starting to re‑build their lives here. Refugee claimants also continue to come to Hamilton seeking refuge and protection.

Walking with refugees through the process of settlement has been a key area of collaboration for TrueCity congregations for over ten years. Alison Witt and Katie Karsten have been part of this initiative from the beginning and are now giving leadership to this project.

Churches are eager to be involved, looking for direction, and ready to work together. With so many of our churches focused on the same arena of mission we have a unique opportunity to collaborate by supporting one another and sharing resources at a deeper level than we have done before.

There is a transformative power in interacting with refugees. This year as TrueCity churches focus on discipleship within their congregations we believe that direct involvement with refugees provides a powerful context to do just that.


Refugee Project Graphic

– Develop and share faith building practices and resources
– Coaching for growing deeper in our faith through involvement

– Organizing regular roundtable gatherings
– Connecting churches around areas of overlapping involvement
– Sharing resources and expertise between churches

– Understanding refugees realities
– Scope of opportunities for involvement

– Recognize congregational assets and limitations
– Facilitate listening to God collectively

Action Plan
– Access to coaching
– Connecting to needed resources
– Documenting and providing access to shared learning

Want to be involved?

If your church is looking to be or is already involved with refugees we want to hear more of what is unfolding and find ways to build collaboration.

You can contact Alison Witt and Katie Karsten at
Phone: 905 296-1426

How to Give

This project currently has 50% of the funding it needs to see it through to its intended goals. We need to raise $15,000 and so additional financial partners whether individuals, businesses or churches are needed. We challenge all churches participating in this project to contribute financially.

If you are interested to give to the Refugee Engagement Project you can do so in one of the following ways


by going to:


by sending cheques to: TrueCity
40 Wood Street East
Hamilton, ON
L8L 3Y3

Please desgnate: Refugee Engagement Project