TrueCity Storytelling Project


Good stories connect and move us. One of the most powerful ways the TrueCity movement has fostered collaboration is by creatively telling the stories of how God is moving in our congregations as we engage mission.

Through interactive workshops and creative use of media, this project aims to see us become better story-tellers.  As our congregations become more effective at identifying and sharing key stories of how God is moving in our midst, we can encourage and empower one another to join God’s mission.

To prepare for the 2015 TrueCity Conference – Can I Get A Witness: Re-Embracing the Call to Share the Gospel, 6 people from our churches shared how they decided to embrace the Good News of Jesus. Their stories reflect the diversity of ways that the Gospel is received, and remind us that this Gospel is something worth sharing! Watch the preview and then the full stories below: