Unplugging–the Practice of Sabbath and Solitude

Sue Hamilton

Sabbath: from the Latin “Sabbatum” and the Hebrew “Sabbat” which loosely translated means rest. In this fast paced world where over-achievement is praised and the art of ‘puttering’ is often frowned upon, how does one follow the example of our God who actually rested. And in the crowd and noise which is life in our city, what is solitude? Do we need it? How do we attain it? Through a combination of teaching, storytelling and practice, this session will explore how Sabbath and Solitude can deepen our relationship with Jesus

20160106_204409-1Bio: With a background in theology and social work, Sue works in Pastoral Ministry in the Regina Mundi parish here in Hamilton. Her passion is the spiritual direction practice she runs out of her office at the church. In such capacity, she finds herself ‘prescribing’ Sabbath – one hour a day; one day a month; one week a year to most of the people she sees. It is her belief that resting in the love of Jesus is essential to life balance.