Learning to Say “No”

Leanne Friesen

Although the word is short and simple, many of us struggle to say “no.”  Often we say “yes” to things in an attempt to be faithful to God – only to discover that a too-busy schedule or energy-draining activity is actually stifling our faith instead of helping it grow.  Can it be that learning to say “no” is actually an act of discipleship?  Can learning to say “no” bring us closer to Christ?  If so, how do we practice discernment as we live into this practice?Through a combination of teaching, storytelling, and practice this session will explore the very important, but less than popular practice of saying “no.”

MHBC staff (13 of 13)Leanne is Lead Pastor of Mount Hamilton Baptist Church, where she has served for the past ten years.  She has been involved in the True City movement since its early days and for the last number of years she has been part of the conference planning team.  Leanne confesses that she is generally terrible at saying “no” to ministry opportunities, and this point has only been confirmed by the number of people who have burst into laughter when they heard Leanne is leading this session.  She looks forward to learning together in this area where God is continuing to shape her own life.