Listening to God

Andy Groen

A most beautiful and stunning quality of God is his desire to be in relationship with human beings.  Essential to relationship is communication. All through scripture we see God communing and communicating with his people. This is seen in the first pages of Genesis as he walks in the garden with Adam and Eve and this continues right through to the final pages with John’s visionary experience on the Island of Patmos.  God loves to speak and he communicates in a variety of different ways.  With stories, prayer exercises and teaching, this workshop will explore some of the dynamics of hearing God’s voice and provide some discernment guidelines to keep this practice safe and healthy.  


Andy headshot 1Andy Groen (M.Div) is a non-celibate monk working for the Greater Ontario House of Prayer (GOHOP).  As the Director of Spiritual Formation at GOHOP Andy leads the spiritual direction team and offers spiritual direction for GOHOP’s 10-month internship program; he is regularly engaged in leading workshops, speaking and teaching on a variety of topics related to spiritual formation. He also helps lead the Barnabas prayer group, a group that aims to equip the body of Christ to hear and discern God’s voice. Andy is lover of many different church traditions, a “contemplative-charismacademic” of sorts. He is married to Gwendolen and they and their three young children live in a community house in Hamilton.



Kathy GustKathy Gust is a stay at home mom who enjoys dabbling in the textile arts, any type of skiing, and spending time with her family when they aren’t fighting.  She has been a Christian for 18 years and the pursuit of Jesus has led her to experience and learn about hearing God’s voice.  Witnessing the life, healing, and power that can come from hearing God’s voice has ignited a passion within her to better hear Him and teach others how to do so. Isaiah 50:4 is a source of inspiration and prayer for her, that the Lord will give many an instructed tongue to know the word that sustains the weary.