Growing Together–The Priority of Community for Discipleship and Witness

Dr. Syd Hielema

Opinion polls suggest that the “general public” perceive Christians to be self-righteousness, judgmental and narrow-minded.  This is quite a contrast with the second century pastor Tertullian, who noted that Romans would observe Christans and declare, “See how they love one another!”  We are discipled in communities, and our communities are a witness to how we are being discipled.  We’ll reflect together on the intersection of community, discipleship and witness, noting the thorough intertwining of these three in the New Testament, and pondering ways in which we embody that intertwining today.
photosydDr. Syd Hielema serves as the Team Leader for Faith Formation Ministries (FFM) for the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  FFM focuses on strengthening congregations as communities of discipleship and witness.  He lives in Ancaster with his wife Evelyn, and loves to walk the Bruce Trail.