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Tale of Two Kingdoms: Audio Recordings

Audio recordings from the TrueCity Conference 2014’s main sessions are now available.   Click on the name to stream the audio online, or right click and select “save link as…” to download the file to play on your iTunes or media player.  We invite you to listen, re-listen, and share!

Brian Walsh’s Genesis Targum
Danielle Wong’s Neighbour Story
Karen Lowe’s End of a Ministry Story
Jeff Strong’s Friday Evening Message: An Empire of Bricks and a Kingdom of Stones

Randell Neudorf’s Rehearsing Peace Story Leanne Friesen’s Saturday Morning Message: Singing Songs in Strange Lands Jeff Wynand’s Psalm 137 Song

Sylvia Keesmaat’s Closing Poem (How It Will Come)  (The text of How It Will Come is available here.)