Strategic Priorities from the TrueCity Visioning Process


For the past ten years the TrueCity network has been finding ways to collaborate towards the end of being churches together for the good of our city.   After engaging in a visioning process to discern how this could look in the coming years, the movement has discerned the following five Strategic Priorities and Potential Plans:

1. Nurture TrueCity Identity and Common-unity (Being Together)
a) Praying for each other and share testimonies
b) Identify key leaders in congregation who can facilitate collaboration and link with TrueCity
c) Encourage Pulpit and Leader Exchanges
d) Identify ways to support each other and combine ministries (encourage TrueCity churches in same neighbourhood to connect at natural times ie. holidays)
e)  Hold combined worship services
f) Develop a “statement of identity” to explain who we are as TrueCity member churches
g) Organized forums for theological discussion

2. Strengthen Communication and Information Sharing (Being Together)
a) Develop strategy for more effective internal information sharing
b) Share stories about how the gospel is being shared (ie where Jesus is being named)
c) When issues arise for the city (eg Casino), let each other know how we can respond together
d) Develop strategy for public relations (external information sharing)

3. Equip/Train/Coach TrueCity Member Churches for Missional Ministry (Learning Together)
a) Organize conference focused on proclaiming the gospel (with both evangelism and social justice in view)
b) Hold “evangelism” training workshops
c) TrueCity churches to host “neighbourhood learning trips”
d) Train TrueCity church members on Asset-based Community Development (ABCD)
e) Coach and Mentor emerging leaders

4. Build Meaningful Connections for Impact with Neighbourhoods (Serving Together)
a) TrueCity member churches inform each other of already existing links to neighbourhoods
b) Develop TrueCity member church clusters or affinity group for connecting with their neighbourhood hubs and association
c) Link people from TrueCity member churches with gifts to appropriate opportunities for neighbourhood engagement (develop understanding that neighbourhood engagement is church ministry — celebrate the ways individuals are engaged in communities)

5. Use Effective Tools and Strategies for Transformational Development (Serving Together)
a) Conduct neighbourhood scans to assess strengths and needs (ABCD)
b) Develop resource tool kits for addressing issues of mental health, poverty, child education etc.
c) Advocate for/with neighbours facing challenges (in health, mental health, education…)

This is where you come in — if you are able to take 5 minutes to indicate where your passion for the movement is or where you would like to get involved, please fill out this form to help us shape these priorities further.  This form will also have space for you to give further input on the strategic priorities themselves.: