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Sign-Up for 24/7 Prayer: Feb 21 – March 7

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TrueCity has partnered with the Greater Ontario House of Prayer (GOHOP) to facilitate shared prayer for our city between churches.

Each year, coinciding with the TrueCity Conference, GOHOP runs 24/7 prayer rooms in the Vine (78 Vine St., Hamilton ON), Philpott Memorial Church’s satellite building. Its location, a block away from the library and Jackson Square, makes it readily accessible and welcoming for folks who might be shy of entering a “church” building. Stations will be set up to cultivate all kinds of prayer expressions, from contemplative to charismatic, with instruments for worship and art installations to help focus our prayers on specific issues or neighborhoods in the city.  Read more below about this year’s exciting additions, including the Vine Cafe and daily liturgies!

We’re Back:  24/14 Prayer
by Nicola Gladwell

Join us for two weeks of continuous prayer night and day at the Vine from Feb 21st to March 7th following the True City Conference. The Theme for this year’s conference is “A Tale of Two Kingdoms”. Together we are sharing stories of how the Church (that’s you!) is subverting the empire of the world and welcoming God’s reign in our city. After spending a month on pilgrimage with the GOHOP gang throughout the UK and Ireland, I decided (and they agreed!) on two things that need to happen during this year’s prayer room.

ONE: Imagine this: a space where you can come by yourself or with friends, pour yourself a hot drink, and settle into a small table or a couch in conversation or with a book. Imagine now that it’s a free space, and that it’s open 24 hours a day, for two weeks straight. Enter, The Vine Cafe. If you find a friend in the prayer room (which often happens) or are meeting to pray with your small group, now you can stay and chat without distracting others seeking solace. Just a few feet from the prayer room, you can bring friends in to the space for a drink and to let them check out the space. We’re excited.

TWO: We love that people who don’t usually find time for prayer in their schedule feel drawn to the prayer space at the Vine. We want to celebrate this further by introducing a rhythm of common prayer throughout each day. We will be following the daily liturgies from the Northumbria Community at 9am, 12pm, 5pm, and 9pm. Inspired by Celtic Christianity and living with vulnerability and availability. Common prayer will range from five minutes to fifteen, and will be marked by a small bell five minutes beforehand.  If you’re searching for God in a world addicted to noise, distractions, and hurry, open our door and breathe deeply. Find friends. Find peace. Find God.

“I’m in. What’s the next step?”  Sign up at to fill an hour of prayer by yourself, with a friend, or with a group.