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Funding TrueCity

Dwayne Cline

We  look back thankful for the way the Lord brought us together on February 21st and 22nd at the TrueCity conference.  For those of you who joined us on that Friday evening, you heard Jill Trites and myself explain our need for God to raise up partners for our movement.  We are praying that God will raise up financial partners who are willing to journey with TrueCity with either a one-time gift or monthly preauthorized donation.

The co-ordination of multiple churches in the city requires some staff support.  We are thrilled that God has raised up Dave Witt to co-ordinate our movement and Sarah Dear who is our part-time administrator.  We are praying God will raise up $30,000 from the core TrueCity Churches and $30,000 from individuals who believe that unity amoung the churches in our city is worth investing in.  As we celebrate 10 years of working together, we realize that God has partly granted us this longevity because of the excellent support staff who form the backbone and connectors for our movement.

TrueCity has allowed many churches, who were often working in isolation from each other to learn from each other’s strengths and best practices, encourage each other, pray together and bring good to the city of Hamilton together.

If you want to partner with this movement of churches through giving financial support, there are a number of ways to donate to TrueCity–
Click here if you would like to donate online;
— to download a preauthorized giving form you can click here
–or you can send a cheque made out to “TrueCity” to 1 Union Street, Elmira, ON N3B 1J4


If you have any questions you could need clarified about the movement to help you know prayerfully determine how we can best partner together please contact me at  May God strengthen our movement for His glory and the good of His church in Hamilton.

Because of grace and for His glory,

Dwayne Cline

Lead Pastor, Hughson St Baptist Church