May 14th: Start2Finish Volunteer Opportunity



Start2Finish is looking for a team volunteers on Wednesday, May 14th to help with their Run4Change event.  If your church has participated in our backpacks event, or is looking for other ways to partner with Start2Finish and the work they do for our city’s schools, please consider getting a team of people together to help! Contact Michelle Ray at michelle.ray@start2finish.org or 905-319-1885 ext. 206 for more information.

About the Run4Change:

Start2Finish is having their Run4Change at Bayfront Park on Wed May 14th. Both the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board (HWDSB) and the Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board (HWCDSB) have endorsed the Run4Change and the 20/20 challenge, encouraging their schools to participate in both the physical fitness component and social justice/change drive component as they prepare to attend the Run4Change at Bayfront Park on Wed. May 14th.  With current registartion there will be approximately 6000 elementary and secondary school students participating. In addition to the students Mayor Bob Bratina, both Directors of Education, school board trustees, superintendants, community leaders and businessess will attend. In a very exciting development this year, both school boards encouraged their school principals/teachers to implement the 20/20 Challenge as a solution to the recommended DPA requirement for their elementary school students. Thousands of students in the HWCDSB and the HWDSB are participating daily in the 20/20 Challenge and the feedback from principals, teachers and students on the impact it has had on the students and the school have been profound and very encouraging.

The commitment to the 20/20 challenge has created an opportunity for Start2Finish in partnership with Dr. Brian Timmons and the HWCDSB and HWDSB to pioneer a ground breaking made in Canada research project evaluating the link between fitness and academic performance.  Dr Timmons and his team have conducted physical fitness tests on close to 1000 elementary and secondary school students (16 schools) who are participating in the 20/20 Challenge on a daily basis. Some of the students tested (approximately 1/3) will not be participating in the 20/20 challenge and will be function as controls. Dr. Timmons and his team will-retest both groups upon completion of the 20/20 Challenge. Both school boards will forward to Start2Finish the Academic Records of all students who were tested (those participating in the 20/20 and those who did not) allowing us to evaluate the impact of fitness on academic performance.
God has once again made a way for S2F to bring a solution to the world’s brokenness. Here is a clip about the 20/20 and the research: