CQ™ Ministry Training Lab: Toronto, Nov 7-8

Are you looking for a long-term solution to develop cultural intelligence(CQ) in your ministry? This is an opportunity for your leaders, staff and volunteers to be equipped to teach the Culturally Intelligent MinistryWorkshop.

The 1.5 day program will be led by Dave Livermore, author of Serving with Eyes Wide Open and other books on CQ and global leadership. The training lab covers an overview of CQ and it’s connection to effective ministry. It includes the CQFaith-based Assessment and a plan for how to improve and develop CQ in individuals and across the ministry as a whole. Participants will learn how to teach CQ in a variety of contexts such as, short-term missions, international ministry, local church ministries, and Christian organizations.
Benefits of a Training Lab 
The CQ Ministry Training Lab gives you an in-house team, ready to train cultural intelligence modules whenever needed. Participants will:
  • Be equipped to teach the Culturally Intelligent Ministry Workshop by observing one being taught and then going through a 1-day lab, giving them hands-on tools to teach it to others.
  • Learn how to use the CQ Self-Assessmentas part of the Culturally Intelligent Ministry Workshop. They will complete the CQ Assessment themselves and receive feedback on their personal results.
  • Receive the CQ Ministry Kit. This includes a 100 page teaching manual for facilitating the Culturally Intelligent Ministry Workshop and a kit with teaching notes, slides, case studies, videos and more.
Cost: $485 CDN per person
($435 CDN per person for groups of 3 or more from the same ministry)
Location: Crowne Plaza Toronto Airport
Registration Deadline: Oct 3