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A Renewed Hamilton

Kevin's TargumOn Saturday morning Kevin Makins shared the following “Targum” based on Isaiah 65

“Look! I am creating renewed heavens and a renewed earth, and no one will even think about the old ones anymore.

No one will even remember our contaminated soil, or warehouses filled with toxic barrels, or fields stripped for strip malls, or a ruined Randle Reef, or a stretch of dead cement penetrating through a God given, glacier carved valley.

Be glad; rejoice forever in my creation!

And look! I will create Hamilton as a place of happiness. Her people will be a source of joy.

I will rejoice over Hamilton and delight in my people. And the sound of weeping and crying of gunshots and ambulances, and the sheer silence of unemployment and homelessness and helplessness and hopelessness will be heard in it no more.

“No longer will babies die when only a few days old. No longer will adults die before they have lived a full life.No longer will people be considered old at one hundred! Only the cursed will die that young, and not if St Joes can help.

In those days people will live in the houses they build.

No longer will slum landlords rent out illegal triplexs for profit, or plant down a tree where they have no roots, and my people will eat the fruit of their own vineyards, their backyard gardens, and yes, even from their backyard chickens.

Unlike the past, invaders will not take their houses and confiscate their vineyards.

Thoughtless urban renewal will not displace the poor, nor will we repeat the sins of our forefathers who confiscated the land of the natives.

For my people will live as long as trees, and my chosen ones will have time to enjoy their hard-won gains.

They will not work in vain, and their children will not be doomed to misfortune. For they are people blessed by the Lord, and their children, too, will be blessed.

I will answer them before they even call to me. While they are still talking about their needs, I will go ahead and answer their prayers!

The wolf and the lamb will feed together. The mountain and the lower city will reconcile together. Dundas and Stoney Creek will meet at the same table. Flamborough, and Waterdown, and Ancaster will fellowship as brothers and sisters. The lion will eat hay like a cow.

But the snakes, oh the snakes, the mobsters, the backdoor business men, the corrupt officials, they will eat dust.

In those days no one will be hurt or destroyed in my holy Ancaster, or my holy Flamborough, or my holy Waterdown, or my holy Stoney Creek, or my holy lower city Hamilton, or my holy…


I, the Lord, have spoken!”