GOHOP Prayer Truck

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A GOHOP Prayer Truck Update from Jill Weber:

The goal of GOHOP (Greater Ontario House of Prayer) is to help the church in Hamilton be the loving presence of a people of prayer in the city.  To that end, each summer we acquire a UHaul truck for three weeks.  We turn the back of the truck into a creative prayer space and park it in the garbage alley behind Living Rock, with a sign saying “need prayer?” out front.  The truck is manned by GOHOP prayer missionaries and volunteers from the TrueCity church network.  From 7 am to midnight weekdays, and noon to midnight on weekends, we hand out free water, and pray for passers by.  Through it’s Missional partnerships with the Living Rock, and the Chapel at Mission Services, we have build many relationships with locals over the last few years.  Consequently, the Prayer Truck has become the “go to” place to hang out and pray, especially for people who are not yet ready to attend church.

This year we handed out over 1200 bottles of water and prayed for hundreds of people.  A handful of folks met Jesus for the first time, and we actually saw some physical healings in response to prayer.  We prayed for one car salesman that his sales would increase, and he came back a week later excited to tell us that his sales were up 100%!  New friends have been integrated into Community Dinners run by GOHOP.  On the last day we had a celebration barbecue at the Truck, and 70 folks from the neighbourhood showed up.

We have been invited to bring the Prayer Truck to the Barton East corridor next year, so are praying about increasing our operations, getting a truck for June and July, and spending a month in each location.  The Prayer Truck has proved to be a fantastic creative and hospitable space where the Church and the community can pray together.

Thanks to everyone from TrueCity who come to pray for our city and our people! For more Prayer Truck stories or to learn more about GOHOP, check out Jill Weber’s blog at