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Justice for the Sexually Exploited

In a world where millions face the oppressive reality of sexual slavery,
one way that God calls us to seek justice is to work to break the yoke of
sexual exploitation.  The human trafficking industry is international,
organized, and extremely profitable, leaving no country out of its reach.
Shockingly, even Canada is not immune to this phenomenon, with victims
being sold domestically and across borders to service a seemingly
insatiable demand for paid sex.  God is calling Canadians to rise up and
fight for justice in this country, and to join together to abolish
modern-day slavery.

In this session we will start with a screening of the documentary produced
by Hope for the Sold surveying the issue of sex trafficking in Canada.
This will lead into a time of practical application focused on how both
individuals and congregations can take action locally and globally.

Jay and Michelle Brock are the co-founders of Hope for the Sold, an
organization that fights sex trafficking and exploitation.  In addition to
making a documentary about sex trafficking in Canada in 2009, they started
a blog that enables thousands of readers to take part of the modern
abolitionist movement.  By raising awareness and pushing people to action
through writing, speaking, and film, Hope for the Sold seeks to end sexual
exploitation one word at a time.