The Art of Collaboration -Christmas Hampers

It was early September and school had just started.  The first day of fall was several weeks away, but here we were in a gathering of folks from several True City churches talking about Christmas.  Christmas Hampers, to be more precise.

Christmas hampers are not a new idea.  They are not a high profile social innovation, but for several churches in the city they have provided an excellent opportunity to bless families in their communities at a time that shouldn’t be lonely but often is.   Gifts of food, toys and treats given sensitively and relationally can make all the difference in how a family experiences Christmas.  It has proven to be a great way to come alongside of families in need who live in our neighbourhoods in a tangible way the opens up the possibility of on-going relationship.

As we talked that evening in September it became clear that our churches had a lot to learn from each other.  There were some churches that wanted to start doing hampers but didn’t know where to start.  For others they wanted to contribute to the churches doing this ministry so that it could be done all the better.

As a board member of one church wrote, “…we would love be to a part of an existing program. In fact there is a willingness to contribute our time to learn from others … is this something we can help with??”

Collaboration in mission.  That is what TrueCity is all about.  We love our city better together and life in Christ becomes clearer for all as we do.

Perhaps your church would like to get involved as we explore this new area of collaboration.  Perhaps you are already doing hampers and can help others learn from your experience.  Perhaps you would like to get started but don’t exactly know how.  If so let us know

Christmas hampers will not bring a dramatic change to the face of our city, but they are one way that we can show the love of Jesus to those who get lost in the shuffle.  It is a great way to celebrate what Christmas is truly about, and by doing it together we are able to touch more lives in a way that points to the one whose birth got this whole thing started!