24/7 Prayer for the City

This year we will again be hosting a week of 24/7 Prayer for the City.  Starting noon on Friday February 25 and going until noon on Friday March 4th,you can sign up and join us for a missional prayer adventure!
How to get in on the action….you book a time in the prayer room by clicking here to access our online calendar app.  If you are booking a group for the prayer room email your desired time to 247prayerhamilton@gmail.com.  Click here for a map to the Vine, our location for this year.
Last year hundreds of participants from dozens of congregations participated in our week of 24/7 prayer for Hamilton.
Here is a testimony of one of our participants last year:
I was so thrilled to have a space to meet with God without the distractions of life, and yet I recognized how prayer was not limited and how having a prayer room convicted me of that and spurred me on to prayer at home, work and beyond.
When I first got to the prayer room it was rather overwhelming, so I simply sat to empty myself and make room for God. Time melted away.
The next morning it was good to be back and to continue a process of communing with God, of opening myself up to what he wanted to speak to me about, to convict me of and to be open to.
I made it my goal to be in the prayer room at least once a day while it was running and was so blessed to be able to do at all sorts of times and see how it impacted my day and week in various ways.
When I came in before my 6:30 am work shift I found myself somewhat restless knowing I had to leave on time etc, and yet it was enormously beneficial to my mindset and in preparing me for what lay ahead.
I spent most of my time in the comfy spot where I could listen and interact with God, but having the other stations was a way for me to, after getting myself in a right place with God and begin to grasp what He has done and how that ought to impact me, that I could be open to feeling for others.
I think the station that impacted me most was the one on addictions, particularly the isolation room and wailing wall. Perhaps because I have been there, it was a place of pain, a place I struggled to find hope in… yet good to be reminded that Jesus is able to move us beyond that place and put loving supporting people in our lives who can continually point us to Him.
It was such a blessing to have the prayer room open, to see the changes, the marks others left, to read snatches and be impacted through what others wrote.
The week left me spiritually refreshed and empowered in prayer and yet deeply aware of the battle to make time in life when busyness threatens such sweet communion and truth-revealing honesty.
Thanks for your part in bringing the prayer room to Hamilton!
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