First Nations

Project 417 and Hamilton

On Saturday Oct 30 a few of our group got together with Joe Elkerton, Director of Project 417. Project 417 is an organization which aims to be a bridge between communities which are struggling and churches which want to be more involved in those communities. Joe shared with us  the story of how Project 417 developed from what was initially a First Nations church plant in Toronto, and how a crucial stage in that development was his own realization that as a First Nations Minister, his calling was not exclusively to native people, but was to equip Christ-followers to care well for others regardless of ethnicity. The strengths and perspectives which Joe brings because he is native are gifts to us all.

A particular vision which has been on Joe’s heart for some time is that of a First Nations fellowship in Hamilton which would not become its own independent church, but would be a place where native people could explore together what it means to be native and Christian, and would strengthen each other to be more involved in their own churches and communities. The first of these gatherings will take place at Little Bethel Church the afternoon of Saturday Nov 20. All are welcome!