24/7 Prayer for Hamilton!

The True City Conference will launch one week of non-stop prayer for Hamilton!  Located at Philpott Memorial Church, the prayer room will be open 24/7 from Friday Feb.19 – Friday Feb.26.  The prayer room will be set up to facilitate prayer for the homeless, new arrivals and refugees, for addiction and mental health issues, for the First Nations, for international ministries, and for our neighborhoods.

Creative Prayer Space:

Who says prayer has to be sitting around in circles, eyes closed, hands folded?  We’ve discovered that we can be a whole lot more creative than that.   

Prayer for Amateurs:

Don’t consider yourself a prayer warrior?  Does the thought of signing up for an hour of prayer make you quake in your boots?  We mistakenly believe that prayer is for the ultra spiritual, and the ultra disciplined.  Come and discover creative ways to come into agreement with God’s heart for our city!

Any time, day or night:

A night owl?  Sign up for the 2 am slot.  Morning person?  Come awaken the dawn!  Email to sign up as an individual, to sign up your youth group or your cell group for an hour of prayer.  Be careful, it’s addictive!