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MDP has been a great help to Mount Hamilton Baptist

Mt Hamilton BaptistAs a Pastor attempting to lead a congregation through the excitingly murky waters of missional living, I am always looking for resources to aid in that journey.  It is one thing to read the latest book on missional or kingdom living, but translating those concepts from theory to practice is tough for even those most seasoned in ministry.  So last year when I became aware of the Missional Development Project of True City I took notice.  And I am glad that I did.

The Missional Development Project became an opportunity to lead, first our leaders and then the whole congregation, through a process of discernment, envisioning and strategic implementation.  The process of bringing people together through dialogue was vital.  People experienced a heightened sense of community which translated into a collective deepening of dependence on Christ and a call to service.  People looked for ways that they could be about solutions and took ownership.

Through interaction with Greg Reader and Andrew Zantingh we were able to personalize an approach to congregational change that took into consideration the dynamics of our context.  Not only has this process been helpful for the church but it has also been transformational in my own leadership, particularly in how I lead meetings.

We have been blessed to be able to interact with the Missional Developmental Project and I believe it truly is a Kingdom thing.

Rev. Dallas Friesen