TrueCity Together…Together TrueCity

Over the past four years, we have found that each of our churches is better when we are learning from each other and investing in our city together. As we serve in different parts of the city, we do not always have the opportunity to hear from each other the ways in which God is on the move. But there are stories just waiting to be told!

Each year participants from area churches have gathered for the TrueCity Conference where we celebrate what God is doing. On February 20-21, 2009 the 5th conference will take place with the theme TrueCity Together…Together TrueCity

At each conference we have explored topics that lead to on-going united action.  This year we will take this a step further by centering the sessions around stories of how churches are pursuing the good of Hamilton in a variety of different areas: from neighbourhood partnership building to welcoming refugees to caring for the environment and many others. God is on the move in our city, and as we share stories together may He be lifted high!

The breakout sessions will be forums in which participants will listen to stories of how God has been active within a particular area (such as neighbourhood partnership building, welcoming refugees, cultivating a healthier urban environment, involvement in schools, etc), and then will be invited to share their own stories relevant to the theme.  The goals are to build deeper relational connection and to lay the foundation for on-going collaboration.

The main sessions will provide us with a time to worship through celebrating and envisioning.  On Friday a panel of key leaders from core TrueCity churches will share stories of how we are seeing God move among us.  On Saturday a second panel will help us envision ways that God would have us participate together more fully in the work He is equipping the Church for and calling us to engage.

We are excited about the opportunity to gather believers from churches across the city.  To get more information or register you can go to www.truecity.ca , e-mail info@truecity.ca , call the TrueCity office at (905) 296-1426, or mail requests to 173 Gage Ave N. Hamilton, ON L8L 7A3