TrueCity Sermons on the Web

Voices in the city can so easily be drowned out by competing noise and the pace of life.  And yet the city also provides the context where strong voices can connect with and impact large groups of people. The voices blog has provided a context for sharing written perspectives, but there are ways to literally hear the voices of key leaders within the TrueCity movement. Each Sunday in churches across the city our congregations are led to explore God’s word and how it applies to life here in Hamilton. Many of these messages are posted on the websites of our congregations.

Here is a list of links to the audio libraries of the core TrueCity churches that have their messages available via the internet.

First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church

Hughson Street Baptist Church

Philpott Memorial Church

The Meeting House

Wentworth Baptist Church

Here are a couple of messages that you may find particularly relevant to the work of TrueCity—as we see churches serving together for the good of the city—

Being the City within the City–

The Essence of the Gospel