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The Gospel is Good News to the Poor

Raineer and Mila Chu have been friends and mentors to my wife, Helen, and me for many years. Raineer is an attorney and Mila is a medical doctor. Both could have pursued highly lucrative careers but, instead, they have devoted their knowledge, their skills, and their lives to forming community among the poor of their native Philippines, community which is a sign and a witness of the reality and presence of Christ. Raineer and Mila have thought long and hard about the dynamics of wealth and poverty, power and voicelessness, and they have explored these dynamics not so much in theory, but in the sweat and joys and pain of everyday life. The text of one of Raineer’s recent sermons captures a core perspective of the gospel with a clarity, depth and breadth which I have seldom encountered. I’ve posted it here because I believe that the church of the northern hemisphere often equates “missionality” with helping those in need by making strategic use of “our” resources. This message from the other side of the world is a timely corrective to that assumption. Just click on the link below …


Greg Reader