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Principles of Justice

dsc_0044small.jpgThanks to Crystle Numann for an excellent breakout session on “Acting Justly in an Ecologically Connected World” at the TrueCity Conference in February.

Here are some principles which the group came up with during the breakout session. They are listed in descending order from those which resonated most widely with the whole group to those which resonated least.

  • be satisfied with less
  • embrace a radical “other orientation” and responsibility toward people and creation
  • progress is not equated with producing or possessing ever more, but with quality relationship and walking with others
  • don’t pursue anything to the detriment of anything or anyone else
  • get involved in restorative actions
  • it’s okay to be discontented – that’s part of actively longing for the kingdom of God
  • honor, respect each other and creation
  • be generous
  • is it life giving or destructive?
  • no one should have too much so some have not enough
  • stewardship as a servant, not owner
  • be mindful, aware