Website Re-mixed

We have done a major revision of the TrueCity website to make it faster and allow for more dialogue.   

Blogs and RSS feeds—Most of the information on the website (such as this article) are posted on blogs that we have opened at wordpress.com—this allows the site to run much faster than the old site and it has the added advantage that readers can now add comments on the blogs.  We would encourage anyone who is interested to share your thoughts, questions and insights as you have time on the various blogs.  We are hoping that this will lead to productive dialogue and allow the TrueCity community to grow more interactive. 

RSS feeds are the way that the method for drawing the information on the blogs onto the website.  For those who enjoy such ventures, there are small links on the site so that you can set up you your own RSS feeds if you want to. 

Focus Teams PagesAn important development this fall has been a re-thinking of how we gather people from different churches to lead us deeper in key areas of engagement.  We are calling these groups Focus Teams.  These teams are made up of people from two or more churches who share a common ministry passion.  The goals for each member on the team is first to help their church grow in this specific area of ministry and second to be a resource to other churches wanting to do the same.  Focus Teams are taking over for what we had been calling “Working Groups.”  Each of the Focus Teams is in the process of developing their own blog in order to keep up to date input and information on the website.  If you look at the Focus Team Page you will notice that there are some new teams that have started up this fall.  Some of these teams are still in the process of developing their blogs so there may still be some blanks on the site, but over the coming months we are looking forward to seeing these gaps filled. 

We would love to get your input on what you like and don’t like about the new website.  Feel free to add comments to this blog entry or e-mail us at truecity@iteams.org.