At the Heart of TrueCity

What we choose to do is based ultimately on what is most important to us—what we value.  The seven values described below are our attempt to express why we work as we do in our desire to see our churches grow and our city prosper. We recognize that there is still much room for us to grow—these values are perhaps even more a description of what we desire to become than who we already are.  But, as such, they encourage us to press on together, inviting scrutiny along the way.  Each of these values represent seeds we have planted in our church cultures that we are committed to seeing grow and bear fruit.

These values allow other churches to get a clearer sense of TrueCity—who we are as churches and what is on our hearts.  They speak to the reality that we are not the “only show in town” nor should we be.  In the awareness that these values lay out the terms of reference for how we will work together and what we will pursue, we welcome the involvement of all Hamilton area churches.

1.  Congregationally Based—At the heart of our network are our church congregations; brought together by the Holy Spirit to grow in our faith as we engage in mission.

2.  Neighbourhood Engaged—the focus of our mission is how our congregations can contribute meaningfully to the neighbourhoods that God has placed us in.

3.  Active Cooperation –Congregations working together is God’s idea for how the Church can truly be the body of Christ.  It is a powerful witness to our city of God’s reality.  We aim to move beyond theoretical unity to relationships of trust and tangible cooperation.  working and learning together; unity within diversity

4.  Humble Orthodoxy—Confidence in the gospel of Jesus Christ enables us to interact widely with respect and generosity. Submission to Christ compels us to love as God loves with Jesus as our guide.

5.   Margins at the Centre —Active presence among those on the social margins who are regularly overlooked and wronged by our society will bring real health and vibrancy for our churches and our city. We take seriously Jesus’ challenge that “what you have done to the least of these you have done to me.”  This is the prophetic challenge of TrueCity.

6. Whole City View —We recognize both that God is concerned for the whole of Hamilton and that there is an interconnected system that does not allow any neighbourhood to exist in isolation.  For both of these reasons we are committed to engaging the whole of Hamilton.

7. Growth through Participation– We grow in Christ as together we engage in his work. Jesus meets us and takes us deeper in our walk with him as we get involved in the work that He is doing.