Let the Children Come to Me

Sharing the Gospel with Our Children

Thelma Eisan & Natalie Frisk

How can we effectively invite our kids to consider Jesus and to desire to live his way of life? Join us to talk through the challenges, barriers, and wins of sharing Jesus with kids.

Sharing the Good News with kids was part of Jesus’ mission from the beginning.Jesus welcomed them with open arms, telling off his disciples when they wanted to stop parents from bringing their kids to him.

In the same way, we want to be able to extend the love of Jesus to all kids without the barrier of difficult language which too often accompanies our communication of the Gospel.
Showing and telling our kids the irreligious message of Jesus is vital to inviting them in to following in the way of Jesus. In this workshop, we will explore accessible language and concepts for kids as they grow, understanding and telling our own stories, and the importance of spiritual parents in the spiritual growth of children.

Natalie Frisk is the Curriculum Developer at The Meeting House Church. She is married to Sam and mom to Erin Penny. She is passionate about communicating the irreligious message of Jesus to people of all ages.  Find her thoughts on spiritual parenting and more at http://parents.themeetinghouse.com.
Thelma pictureThelma Eisan is pastor at The Meeting House East Hamilton and enthusiastically loves the city of Hamilton. She is super grandma to 2 beautiful girls, and enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and books.  Thelma lives to love….. and share Jesus with others. She also loves to dance when nobody’s watching.