Getting and Giving the Gospel

Bruxy Cavey


Understanding and explaining the good news of Jesus. This session will cover ways of articulating the gospel to ourselves and others: in 1 word, 3 words, and 30 words.

What really is the Gospel, and how should we best share it with others?  The Gospel message doesn’t just save us; it is also is the message by which saved people live. No message, truth or philosophy should be more life-giving or life-changing than the Good News of Jesus. Join us to explore the difference between inviting people to embrace Jesus as their own personal Savior and inviting them to follow Jesus as Lord; the difference between knowing about Jesus and knowing Jesus.

Brux_Headshot 2011Bruxy Cavey–author of best-selling End of Religion, is Teaching Pastor of The Meeting House – one of the largest and most innovative churches in Canada. The “church for people who aren’t into church” connects with many who have given up on religion.

Together with Tim Day, and a committed staff, Bruxy leads a multi-site church which has communities around the world who share the same vision – to create safe places for spiritual seekers to ask questions and develop a thoughtful faith.

Bruxy’s engaging style, scholarly rigor, and refreshing honesty make him a popular guest on television, radio, and at university campuses around the world.

Bruxy, his wife Nina, and three daughters, live in Hamilton, Ontario.