For the Bible Tells Me So

Exploring what Scripture says about Evangelism

Dr. Cynthia Westfall

What does the Bible tell us about evangelism? What are biblical ways that we can practice it in Canada in the 21st century?

Jesus’ last words left his disciples with a vital mission: to “be his witnesses” and to “make disciples” of every type of people (all nations). “Evangelism” is the word we use for strategy that fulfills that mission. The best place to begin the study of the biblical strategy, goals and objectives for making disciples is Jesus’ example, because he was the model for what he asked his followers to do. When the early Christians implemented Jesus’ mission in a variety of ways, they changed the world.

We will see that Jesus used a variety of methods to make disciples, both in speech and action, and we will look at some the ways the early Christians creatively implemented his model. How can we implement Jesus’ model today in a way that is as fresh and relevant as Jesus’ example? We will conclude with exploring together a range of activities that effectively implement Jesus’ mission today, particularly in urban contexts.

westfallCynthia Westfall has been a professor of New Testament at McMaster Divinity College since 2005. She is a scholar, author and international speaker who is passionately interested in bringing together the horizons of the New Testament and contemporary culture. She has taught courses and has been involved in projects concerning social justice, gender and ministry, Bible translation and methods of Biblical interpretation in addition to other academic specializations. Her ministry experience includes over 25 years of urban ministry with those at risk for homelessness, work with Wycliffe Bible translators in Africa and campus evangelism on the university campus. She is a member and deacon/director of Wentworth Baptist Church in Hamilton.