There are currently sixteen core churches involved with the TrueCity movement. They are:

  • Bethany Gospel Chapel
  • The Commons
  • First Hamilton Christian Reformed
  • Hughson Street Baptist
  • Immanuel Christian Reformed
  • Little Bethel Community
  • Lightway
  • The Meeting House East
  • The Meeting House West
  • Mount Hamilton Baptist
  • New Hope
  • Philpott Memorial
  • Wentworth Baptist
  • Eucharist
  • Grindstone
  • New City

International Teams Canada (ITCA) provides the legal and financial infrastructure for TrueCity, and makes personnel available to assist in the facilitating work that enhances the collaboration happening between our churches.

Bethany Gospel Chapel
Located on Gage Ave North in the shadow of Ivor Wynne Stadium, Bethany Gospel Chapel is a church with a growing passion to care well for the neighbourhood it finds itself a part of.

The Commons
The Commons is a little Mennonite church plant that Lives, Works and Plays in the inner city neighbourhoods of Hamilton. They are committed to working together to creatively live out Justice, Hope, Beauty, Authenticity, Truth, Community, and Peace. Worship Gatherings happen Sundays at 6pm in the Hooper Law building at 128 Hughson St. N. Every July & August they meet outside in Beasley Park near 55 Elgin St.

First Hamilton Christian Reformed Church
After a long, distinguished history of welcoming Dutch immigrants and helping numerous other CRC churches get started First Hamilton found itself in an urban neighbourhood without a clear sense of direction. Over the past six years this church has explored what it means to seek the peace of the Durand and Kirkendall neighbourhoods.

Hughson Street Baptist Church
A vibrant young church in an old church building on Hughson Street North in the North End of Hamilton. Hughson Street Baptist is committed to seeking the peace of the neighbourhood it is a part of.

Immanuel Christian Reformed Church
Immanuel CRC is dedicated to loving God by walking in the Spirit, serving each other, and reaching out to their Central Mountain neighbourhood.

Lightway Church
Lightway Church is a church plant from Hughson Street Baptist and meets within the Riverdale Community (Hwy 20 & Hwy 8). We strive to bring peace to our community and grow a vibrant diverse church that reflects the diversity in Riverdale.

Little Bethel Community Church
Located in the Homestead neighbourhood in the east end of Hamilton, this small church changed their name to “Little Bethel Community Church,” because it expresses their desire to reach into their community with God’s love and the good news of Jesus Christ. It also celebrates that God can use ordinary people and groups to make a difference in our world.

The Meeting House, West and East Hamilton
The Meeting House launched over 20 years ago, The Meeting House began with a heart and commitment to serve people within developing urban areas of the GTA. The Meeting House places an emphasis upon belonging, growing and loving within home churches. We are seeking to become more and more a part of our city and responsive to the people and needs in the many Hamilton neighborhoods where our home churches meet.

Mount Hamilton Baptist Church
Located on Upper Wentworth near Fennel, Mount Hamilton is living out their concern for the Concession Street and central mountain neighbourhoods.  They describe themselves as a community of people who God has brought together to learn, share, and grow together with the motto: “Come… Just as You Are.”

New Hope
New Hope Church is a community of people who care deeply for East Hamilton. We are being changed by the grace and power of God’s love and want to make that visible through our life, our words and our actions.

Philpott Memorial Church
Pioneered by PW Philpott as one of the original Associated Gospel Churches, Philpott Memorial has been a key part of the spiritual landscape of Hamilton for well over 100 years. Located in the core of the city, the church has wrestled over the past few years with what the nature of their involvement in this area should be. The call to seek the peace of Hamilton has found an increasing resonance with them as they explore how best to welcome newcomers to Canada and interact with the marginalized who are such are part of the Hamilton core.

Wentworth Baptist Church
Located on the border between the Lansdale and Gibson neighbourhoods, Wentworth Baptist Church has journeyed long and hard exploring what it means to be a church that advocates for and is an integral part of the neighbourhood it physically inhabits.

Eucharist Church
Eucharist Church is a congregation committed to the sacrificial, counter-cultural, and revolutionary way of Jesus Christ; and to reveal the love of God and his goodness to the city of Hamilton.  They meet at 116 MacNab Street South.

Grindstone Church
Grindstone is a church in Waterdown for people who are interested in exploring Jesus’ life and message, and figuring out how the gospel of Jesus can shape their lives in healthy, hope-filled ways.

New City Church
New City exists to train Christians “to bring the whole gospel to Hamilton until Hamilton is whole” by being a worshipping community committed to God, each other, and our city.