Christmas Hampers

Christmas Hampers 2Each December, TrueCity  churches partner together provide hampers of food for people on the margins. By collaborating we have been able to strengthen and extend this ministry.

Of the various collaborative projects that TrueCity facilitates the Christmas hampers initiative gives the clearest picture of the power of churches working together – Churches from neighbourhoods across the whole city using their capacity to bless the communities they are a part of and beyond.  It is in this initiative that we see how churches from the North End to Waterdown, from Mountcrest to Meadowlands, from Riverdale to Heritage Green can learn from and resource each other to better engage their neighbourhoods with a tangible demonstration of the love of Jesus.  Volunteers are always struck by how this initiative connects with those giving and those receiving in deep and powerful ways that bring home the reality of God’s love and open the doors for relationship.